The Sutter Resonant Scan box (RESSCAN) is a general purpose resonant scan box using the industry standard Cambridge Technologies CRS 8 kHz resonant scanner for fast X scanning and a second Cambridge galvo scanner (6215 5 mm) for Y axis scanning. The scan box is whisper quiet and the package allows full frame scanning at up to 30 frames per second (actual values are software dependent). Unlike other resonant systems designed to be used with proprietary hardware and/or software, the Sutter resonant scan box and its connections to the outside world are intentionally generic.

    Two versions of the scan box are currently available:
  • RESSCAN-MOM - a version that fits in the standard scanner location in the MOM® and can be purchased either with a new MOM or used to field convert an existing MOM
  • RESSCAN-GEN - a generic version compatible with 60 mm cage systems. This version of the resonant scan box was designed for the Janelia Farms MIMMs scope, but will work with any microscope with a scan pathway designed around a 60mm optical cage

The resonant scan box controller (MDR-R) connects to and drives the resonant scan box and provides the exact inputs and outputs supplied by Cambridge Technologies scanner controller cards (SYNC and ZOOM for the CRS scanner and Position for the slow Y scanner). This is helpful for those who have existing software that runs with other microscopes using Cambridge Resonant scanners.

The Sutter resonant scanner system can be purchased in several configurations. Those who wish a ready-to-use turnkey resonant scanner system, complete with software, should purchase ScanImage Premium, part numners RES-MOM-SIP or RES-GEN-SIP.

Alternatively, you may wish to take advantage of the standard connections on the controller to use the Sutter scanner system with existing freeware (Helioscan, MP-Scope, or SI 5), third party commercial software (3I Slidebook) or software of your own design. Sutter carries standalone NI FLEX RIO data acquisition packages to use with SI 5.

  • Can easily be added to existing MOM systems
  • Can be used as a component for customers building their own microscope
  • Compatible with MScan 3.0, ScanImage Premium as well as many freeware and commercial software packages
  • Full frame scanning at up to 30 frames per second
  • Whisper quiet resonant scanner box
  • Flexible hardware works with a variety of systems
  • Turn-key or bundled options available

Sutter Instrument Relayed RGG Scanbox
Image of MOM microscope with RRG Scan Box

Many neuro-imaging labs are looking for ways to increase the functionality of their standard galvo-galvo (GG) or resonant-galvo (RG) scanning 2-photon microscopes. Upgrading to resonant-galvo-galvo scanning (or RGG scanning) is one way to add new capabilities to your system. The new Sutter RGG scanbox adds new functionality in a compact form factor. Originally designed for our MOM-2P platform, it will work in the Sutter DF scope and a generic version can be adapted fit easily into most other scanning scopes.

What are the advantages of an RGG scanbox?

1) On a single laser path scope, RGG can function as either a GG or RG pathway. One can do fast scanning to monitor changes in imaged calcium levels using the RG mode (with the second galvo scanner commanded to stay at the neutral position) or it can do slower, high-resolution scanning in GG mode (with the resonant scanner commanded with zero volts to stop resonating).

2) Many experimenters wish to be able to photo-stimulate a portion of the field of view (FOV) or a single part of a cell to photoactivate one or more small areas in sequence followed by fast RG scanning to see how cells react to the photo-stimulation. This can often only be done with two scan paths, one RG and one GG. An RGG scan box allows that to be done with a single scan path keeping the design simpler.

3) Finally, a methodology sometimes referred to as “postage stamp” or “region of interest” (ROI) scanning can be used to limit the areas exposed to excitation light and in certain cases, also allow for faster scanning.

Why would you want to have a Sutter Relayed RGG Scanbox?

1) Like other designs, our RGG beam path relays the resonant scanner center of rotation into the center of rotation of the first galvo. Unlike other designs, we do not rely on a lens-based relay system, so we maintain more power and induce less pulse dispersion than lens based relayed scanners.

2) It was designed to fit the Sutter MOM and thus will also fit the Sutter DF-Scope. The RGG Scanbox will be available in the “Simple 2P” and the BOB-2P microscopes. The relay system keeps the design small (6 X 6 X 2 inches) so it will fit into any number of conventional scanning scopes. We expect a generic Relayed RGG Scanbox to be available soon.

3) You can expect Sutter quality, technical support as well as presale support just like all our other products.


Resonant Scan Box
5 in x 4 in x 2 in | 13cm x 10cm x 5cm
16 in x11 in x 3.5 in | 41 cm x 28 cm x 9 cm

Resonant Scan Box
2.0 lbs | 1 kg
6.5 lbs | 3 kg

115/230 volts
50/60 Hertz power line

International prices vary by country. Please contact your local distributor or Sutter Instrument for a quotation. Prices subject to change without notice.

Resonant Scan Box for Sutter MOM® or Researcher-built Microscope
Includes: Cambridge CRS 8 kHz Resonant Scanner and 6215, 5 mm Galvo Scanner in Sutter-designed, quiet, sealed enclosure; MDR-R controller for both scanners with power supply, SYNC output and ZOOM and Y Position inputs; power cord and cables to connect to Resonant Scan Box, and mounting adapter for Sutter MOM or standard 60 mm cage (drawings available).

Catalog Number Description Price
RESSCAN-MOM Resonant Scanner for Sutter MOM - Stand Alone $ 16,730
RESSCAN-GEN Resonant Scanner for 60mm cage based microscope - Stand Alone $ 16,730

In addition to the stand alone resonant scan box (RESSCAN-MOM or RESSCAN-GEN), ScanImage Premium bundles also include ScanImage Premium software, preconfigured NI-FLEX RIO data acquisition system, and two FEMTO DHPCA-100 fast preamps.

Catalog Number Description Price
RES-MOM-SIP Resonant Scanner for Sutter MOM - ScanImage Premium Bundle Version $ 60,867
RES-GEN-SIP Resonant Scanner for 60mm cage based microscope - ScanImage Premium Bundle Version $ 60,867

1 Please note, ScanImage Premium Bundles are not turnkey packages. You will need to supply an appropriate computer with MATLAB® software installed. MATLAB® is a product of MathWorks.

MOM - Movable Objective Microscope
MCS - MOM Computer System and Software
ScanImage Premium - Vidrio Software for MOM and other scanning microscopes

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