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Multiphoton Imaging Package for Olympus BX51WI

The DF-Scope™ is a customer-inspired, multiphoton, imaging package for the ubiquitous BX51WI upright microscope. Many laboratories already have BX51WI microscopes for use in electrophysiology and epifluorescent imaging experiments. The DF-Scope package provides the necessary optics and electronics for the BX51WI to be used for multiphoton imaging (with the addition of a Ti:Sapphire laser). The design incorporates subassemblies from our MOM™ (Movable Objective Microscope®) system including resonant and galvo scan boxes and controllers, detector paths, PMTs, PMT power supplies, scan lenses and tube lenses.

A hallmark of multiphoton imaging is that all of the light emitted by the sample is known to be from the focal volume as a result of the nonlinear excitation of the fluorophore. High sensitivity photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) are used to collect as many of these photons as is possible in order to reconstruct the scanned image. The DF-Scope design allows for two detector paths to gather more emitted light - one above the sample and one below. If using a thin sample, like a brain slice, we recommend the lower (sub-stage) detectors to increase signal detection. Additional signal will be available at the trans detector path. This substage detector assembly is designed to work with a variety of Olympus condensers.

NOTE: The DF-Scope design requires an Olympus BX51WI and the following Olympus parts: WI-ARMAD, 5-UR710LP and U-M619.

  • Converts a standard Olympus BX51WI into a two-photon microscope while retaining standard microscope functions (transmitted light and epifluorescent imaging).
  • Includes detector(s) and “whisper quiet” resonant scan box developed for the MOM™ 2-Photon microscope
  • Upper and lower photodetectors for increased collection efficiency
  • Fully compatible with the Sutter MPC-78 Large Moving Stage Platform and motorized focus drive
  • Designed to be controlled with the Sutter MCS (MOM Computer System) Imaging Software including resonant scanning with MScan 2.0
  • Also fully compatible with most multiphoton freeware such as ScanImage 5.0, Helioscan, and MPScope
  • Breadboard format in scan pathway allows easy addition of photostimulation light sources to the main scanned laser path


Front panel Controls/Indicators
  • Main power switch for entire unit
  • Discrete controls/indicator for each PMT/channel including:
    • On/Off Switch
    • 10 turn potentiometer to set high voltage/gain
    • LED display

Voltage and Current of rear panel outputs
PS-2 PMT High Voltage output, 0 to -1250 VDC, current 0.6mA

PS-2/LV PMT Module output, constant +15 VDC as well as control Vref supplied by module

Preamp/Auxiliary power outputs: +/-12 VDC, 200 mA per side. +/-5VDC, 200mA per side

Dimensions (PS-2 or PS-2/LV)
16 in x 11 in x 3.5 in | 41 cm x 28 cm x 9cm

Weight (PS-2 or PS-2/LV)
6.5 lbs | 3 kg

115/230 Volts
50/60 Hertz power line

International prices vary by country. Please contact your local distributor or Sutter Instrument for a quotation. Prices subject to change without notice.

DF-SCOPE Multiphoton Imaging package for Olympus BX51WI Microscope
Includes Sutter-designed custom scanner mount with scan lens, tube lens and two-position mirror mount to choose between two photon and widefield operation, XY scanners with drive electronics, special Olympus-made, wide-field fluorescence unit that incorporates two photon detector pathway, two channel detector with PMTs, preamps and PS-2 power supply and data acquisition system.

Catalog Number Description Price
DF-3MM DF-Scope package with 3mm scanners $ 105,206
DF-6MM DF-Scope package with 6mm scanners $ 109,022
DF-RES DF-Scope package with Resonant scanners, MCS Computer System and MScan 2.0 software $ 134,331

US Prices > Accessories

Catalog Number Description Price
MOM-DETCT-S1-M MOM™ short path #1 detector $ 14,707
DF-LOWER DF-Scope lower detector mounting $ 8,429
PS-2 PMT power supply and mating connectors for all outputs (suitable for RG357 or like PMT's) $ 4,167
PS-2/LV PMT power supply and mating connectors for all outputs (suitable for H10770 or like PMTs with built-in high voltage power supply) $ 4,167
O040368 PMT amplifier C7319 $ 824
LB-SC Lambda SC control unit, serial and USB cable, power cord and manual $ 920
IQ25-SA 25 mm SmartShutter® with stand alone housing $ 1,327
MOM-SETUPKIT-M Basic table optics for laser routing $ 2,736
MOM-BEAMSPLITTER MOM Beam Splitter $ 3,171
MPC-78/Y51/FD1 MPC-78 with focus drive for the Olympus BX51WI $ 17,576
MP-78/Y51/FD1 MP-78 with focus drive for the Olympus BX51WI $ 16,140

1 When ordering please specify ¼-20 or M6 tapped holes and chamber insert

MCS Data Acquisition System

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