Manual Microinjector

The Manual Injector is a manual syringe driver for pneumatic or hydraulic control of injection needles or holding pipettes. It is suitable for injecting volumes in the nanoliter to microliter range. It is also widely used as a fluid control device for applications requiring sensitive manual control of the displacement of microneedle contents. The system is constructed from the highest quality parts. The base assembly is black anodized aluminum. A non-rotating Mitutoyo micrometer provides the drive to the gas-tight syringe1. A precision 3-way valve provides a convenient method for filling the fluid line and clearing air bubbles from the line. Teflon tubing, chromatography connectors and a pipette holder2 complete the system.

The injection resolution is dependent on the volume of the syringe that is installed, as outlined in the table below. For example, with a 25 µl syringe installed, one complete rotation of the micrometer (25 divisions) yields a displacement equivalent to a volume of 267 nl and turning the micrometer one division (0.001 in) yields 10.6 nl.

Volume Per
Volume Per
10 µl
106 nl
4.2 nl
25 µl
267 nl
10.6 nl
50 µl
529 nl
21.2 nl
100 µl
1.06 µl
42.3 nl
250 µl
2.65 µl
105.8 nl
500 µl
5.29 µl
211.7 nl
1000 µl
10.58 µl
423.4 nl

1 Please specify the syringe volume that you will be using. For animal IVF, CRISPR, and Pronuclear Injection Holding applications, a 500 µl or 1000 µl syringe is recommended. The 10 μl syringe will require a special assembly and parts if ordered separately.
2 Unless specified otherwise, a pipette holder for 1mm outside diameter glass will be supplied. The diameter of the pipette holder is 0.25 in / 6.4 mm. For micromanipulators that connot accept this size holder an adapter is optionally available. Please contact Sutter for further information.


12 in x 3.75 in x 4 in | 30 cm x 9.5 cm x 10 cm

2.5 lbs | 1 kg

International prices vary by country. Please contact your local distributor or Sutter Instrument for a quotation. Prices subject to change without notice.

Catalog Number Description Price
MANUAL Manual injector with non-rotating micrometer, 3-way valve, precision 50 µl gas-tight syringe, teflon tubing, connectors and MI-10010 pipette holder assembly for 1.0 mm capillary tubing1 $1,586

1 Other syringe volumes, and pipette holder sizes are available upon request


Catalog Number Description Price
MI-10010 Pipette holder assembly for 1.0 mm OD glass $ 70
MI-10012 Pipette holder assembly for 1.2 mm OD glass $ 70
MI-10015 Pipette holder assembly for 1.5 mm OD glass $ 70
BR-OIL Oil for injector (100 ml) $ 47
V200050 Teflon tubing $ 10/ft
V0011801 10µl gas-tight syringe $ 127
V001181 25 µl gas-tight syringe $ 127
V001182 50 µl gas-tight syringe $ 127
V001183 100 µl gas-tight syringe $ 127
V001184 250 µl gas-tight syringe $ 127
V001185 500 µl gas-tight syringe $ 127
V0011861 1000 µl gas-tight syringe $ 127
V300450 1.0-1.2 mm O-Ring (Package of 6) $ 32
V300455 1.5 mm O-Ring (Package of 6) $ 32
V001104 1/16 inch clear ferrule for tubing $ 12

1 Requires special assembly and parts when ordered separately. Please contact Sutter.

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