Lambda DG-4 Plus / DG-5 Plus
High Speed Wavelength Switcher

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The Lambda DG-4/DG-5 Plus is a complete illumination system offering speed and versatility for experiments requiring rapid wavelength switching. New digital servo technology allows faster filter switching and 30% greater light output than the first generation DG-4/DG-5. The instrument retains all the advantages of interference filter based systems, yet eliminates the temporal constraints imposed by traditional filter changing devices like filter wheels. Switching between any two wavelengths is achieved in 0.5msec, allowing the user to perform real-time video imaging. The high switching speed of the Lambda DG-4/DG-5 Plus facilitates the ability to follow fast changes in ion concentrations in dual wavelength ratio imaging applications and to monitor other concomitant changes in the studied system at additional wavelengths.

Narrow bandpass systems, such as single cavity interference filters, grating monochromators, and A.O. modulators, pass unwanted harmonics of the desired wavelength. Also, with variable wavelength devices, it is not always possible to obtain sufficient blocking of out-of-band wavelengths. Modern interference filters, as used in the Lambda DG-4/DG-5 Plus, do not pass harmonics and have integral blocking characteristics 1000 times better than typical monochromator systems. For the same full width at half maximum (FWHM), interference filters have a narrower spectral bandpass due to the absence of the slit function.

The dual galvanometer design of the Lambda DG-4/DG-5 Plus allows tuning of the relative intensities at each wavelength. This adjustment, in variable wavelength devices with a single optical path, is difficult to obtain. Unlike monochromators and other wavelength selective systems, the Lambda DG-4/DG-5 Plus can be used as a source of white light when required.

How it works:
This unique optical design of the Lambda DG-4/DG-5 Plus is based on dual scanning galvanometers utilizing interference filters for wavelength selection. The light from the xenon arc lamp is focused on the first galvanometer mirror which directs it via a parabolic mirror, through one of the interference filter channels. Following the filter, a second parabolic and a second galvanometer mirror collect and redirect the light into the light guide. A cold mirror in the beginning of the light path eliminates the IR radiation, reducing significantly the amount of heat absorbed by the optics and the sample. Cold mirrors modified to pass near-IR to 780 to 880nm are also available.

A built-in shutter function allows reduction of light intesity by five to six orders of magnitude. For applications requiring mechanical shuttering, like time lapse experiments or very sensitive samples, the SmartShutter® can be installed in the device to assure that the light is completely blocked. A newly integrated SmartShutter controller eliminates the need to purchase a separate control device.

The standard system, the Lambda DG-4 Plus, holds up to four 25 mm interference filters. The Lambda DG-5 Plus, a five filter version, accommodates three 18 mm and two 25 mm filters. While the switching time between any two wavelengths is done in less than 0.5 msec, the dwell time at any wavelength is arbitrarily set by the user.

The liquid light guide can be coupled to the illumination port of most microscopes using an adapter which can be purchased separately. Please refer to the Microscope Adapters section for further information. Extended output ranges are possible with various cold mirror and light guide combinations. Phone Sutter to discuss your specific application requirements.

  • USB support
  • Built-in SmartShutter® control
  • Expanded menu options and enhanced triggering
  • Integral shuttering
  • Integral neutral density filtering
  • Two outputs for monitoring filter position
  • Turbo Blanking
  • Direct computer control via parallel, serial, or USB interface
  • Switches in 0.5 msec
  • Fluorescent microscopy
  • Calcium imaging
  • FURA
  • Optogenetics
  • Ultra high speed wavelength selection


Lamp Type
300 Watt pre-aligned, ozone free xenon arc bulb
(full spectrum available upon request)

Output Range
330 nm to 650 nm - ozone free
300 nm to 650 nm - full spectrum

Lamp Lifetime
1,000 hours
(Bulb has a prorated warranty for 500 hours. Longer life depends on application. Expected life is 1000 hours)

Power Consumption
350 Watts

Filter Diameter
DG-4: Four, 25 mm (1inch)
DG-5: Two, 25 mm (1inch) and Three, 18 mm

10 in x 10 in x 19 in | 25 cm x 25 cm x 48 cm

Light Guide
2 meters long
3 mm diameter

45 lbs | 20 kg

115/230 Volts
50/60 Hertz power line

RoHS Compliant

Lambda DG-4PLUS / DG-5PLUS 300W CE Certificate
Lambda DG-4 / DG-5 175W-300W CE Certificate


US Prices > Lambda DG-4 Plus / DG-5 Plus
International prices vary by country. Please contact your local distributor or Sutter Instrument for a quotation. Prices subject to change without notice.

Includes main unit with 300W pre-aligned xenon arc bulb, 4 slide-in filter holders (25 mm),1 neutral density filter holder (25 mm), power cord, serial and parallel cables, liquid light guide, spanner wrench, and manual. DG-5 PLUS includes an additional 18 mm and flat wrench since three positions are 18 mm and two are 25 mm in diameter

Catalog Number Description Price
DG-4PLUS/OF30 Lambda DG-4 Plus with 300 Watt ozone-free bulb $ 22,840
DG-4PLUS/FS30* Lambda DG-4 Plus with 300 Watt full spectrum bulb $ 22,840
DG-5PLUS/OF30 Lambda DG-5 Plus with 300 Watt ozone-free bulb $ 22,840
DG-5PLUS/FS30* Lambda DG-5 Plus with 300 Watt full spectrum bulb $ 22,840
DG-4T1 Lambda DG-4 Plus with tungsten bulb $ 24,735

1 Power supply is supplied by the customer
* NOTE: Full spectrum bulbs produce ozone. Please be certain that you have proper ventilation. Contact Sutter for details.

US Prices > Accessories

Catalog Number Description Price
O6611762 Ozone free 175 Watt xenon bulb (See lamp output range) $ 710
O661301 Ozone free 300 Watt xenon bulb (attenuated output below 340nm) $ 710
O6611752 Full spectrum 175 Watt xenon bulb (See lamp output range) $ 710
O661300 Full spectrum 300 Watt xenon bulb $ 710
O661115 Housing and heat sink for bulb (bulb will be installed when ordered at the same time as housing) $ 305
IQ25-DG 25 mm SmartShutter® to fit Lambda DG-4/DG-5 (requires controller) $ 1,645
DG-IF Interference filter holder (25 mm) $ 102
DG-IF/18 Interference filter holder (18 mm) $ 102
DG-ND Neutral density filter holder $ 102
X100160 Retaining ring (25 mm) $ 19
X100150 Filter spacer (25 mm) $ 19
X100120 Interference filter cup (25 mm) $ 26
X664162 Neutral density filter cup (25 mm) $ 38
X100158 Retaining ring (18 mm) $ 22
X100148 Filter spacer (18 mm) $ 22
X100118 Interference filter cup (18 mm) $ 53
CMAC Serial cable for Mac $ 107
X664176 18 mm brass spanner key $ 60
X100560 25 mm spanner wrench $ 107

2 175W bulbs are for the earlier model DG-4 / DG-5

Mounting adapters for Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus and Leica microscopes are available. Please see Microscope Adapters for complete list.

Microscope Adapters