Sutter Instrument is proud to announce one of the most significant additions to our product lineup in years: a full suite of electrophysiology recording hardware and software.

The dPatch® Digital Patch Amplifier System combines an unmatched sampling rate of up to 5 MHz with noise performance that supports the quietest single-channel recordings and digital architecture for the highest signal fidelity and ultra-stable compensation circuitry. The dPatch represents the most advanced amplifier for electrophysiology on the market today. The IPA® family of Integrated Patch Amplifiers, enables efficient, low-noise whole-cell recordings. The IPA system, available with one (IPA) or two recording channels (Double IPA), combines state-of-the-art amplifier technology with fully integrated D/A and A/D conversion and a high speed USB interface. Acquisition, data management, and streamlined analysis are performed using the bundled SutterPatch® Data Acquisition and Analysis Software, built on the foundation of Igor Pro 8 (WaveMetrics, Inc.).

Several new products and accessories are planned for release in the next year so check back for updates or
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